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Elder law encompasses several practice areas, including estate planning,  Medi-Cal planning, conservatorships, elder abuse, asset protection and more. Walnut Creek Elder Law Attorney Matthew Talbot helps seniors and their families gain peace of mind by working with them to ensure that all their Estate Planning and Elder Law issues are taken care of properly. His clients are his first priority, and Matthew's kind, compassionate, and responsive nature have made him one of the preeminent Elder Law attorneys in our area.

What is Elder Law?

“Elder Law" is a fairly new field of law which has developed in response to the growing population of seniors in our country. Elder Law encompasses the traditional Estate Planning field of law, but also includes healthcare, planning for mental disability or incapacity, the receipt of benefits for seniors, and elder abuse. Often Elder Law overlaps with other practice areas and legal issues. For a more in depth view of elder law, my blog series gets down to the nitty gritty:

Elder Law Part 1: Estate Planning 

Elder Law Part 2: Medi-Cal Planning

Elder Law Part 3: Conservatorships, Elder Abuse

Elder Law Part 4: 

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