FAQ: Estate Planning

Most of us are not familiar with the ins and outs of Estate Planning, and why it's necessary. So, I've compiled a list of commonly asked questions with brief answers. To complete your Estate Plan, I recommend consulting an attorney in your State who specializes in this field of Law. 

What does an Estate Plan entail in California?

If I have a Will, do I need a Trust?

What information will my attorney need for my Estate Plan?

If I do not have an Estate Plan, will my property have to go through Probate?

What is the cost of Probate?

Will an Estate Plan help me avoid Estate Tax?

If I have a Trust, will my beneficiaries need a lawyer when I pass?

What is the responsibility of a Trustee?

How much does an Estate Plan typically cost?

What else should I consider before my first appointment?

What factors might make my estate plan more expensive?


When do you become my attorneys?