Probate 101: The Probate Process in the San Francisco Bay Area: Appointing an Administrator or Executor

Attorney Matthew Talbot explains how to start the probate process in counties such as Contra Costa, Marin, Alameda, and San Francisco.

Probate 101: How the Administrator of an Estate sells Real Property in a Probate

Attorney Matthew Talbot explains how real property (a home, land) can be sold within a probate in Contra Costa, Marin, and the San Francisco Bay area.


Conservatorship in California: Response to New Yorker Article "How the Elderly Lose their Rights"






Trusts 101: Overview of The Trust Administration Process

Attorney Matthew Talbot discusses the basic steps in administering a trust in California. 





What is an Estate Plan and Why do SF Bay Area Families Need One?

Matthew and Elizabeth Talbot discuss the parts of an estate plan, and why most families in the SF Bay area need one.





Common Issues in Trust Litigation:

Who should be the trustee? Was there misconduct by the trustee? Are the terms of the trust valid?






Elder Law 101: Why an Attorney is necessary to obtain a Conservatorship

Matthew speaks about the process of obtaining a conservatorship over another individual, and the complexities involved.





Estate Planning & Elder Law Converge: How a Healthcare Directive and Power of Attorney prevent the need for a Conservatorship

Elizabeth Talbot interviews Matthew about conservatorships: when they're needed, and how they can best be avoided




Financial Elder Abuse & the Role of Undue Influence

How CA courts address Undue Influence within an Elder Abuse case. 




How to Invalidate a Trust or Trust Amendment

When a trust (or amendment) was signed due to undue influence, or when the settlor lacked mental capacity, the trust can be made invalid through the courts.





Contracts to Make a Will in CA Probate:

Matthew discusses the power of the oral contract using "The Simpson's" Sam Simon as an example. 






Financial Elder Abuse: Undue Influence 

The importance of Flipping the Burden of Proof in elder abuse cases involving allegations of undue influence






Elder Abuse and Isolation: Denying Visitation

Denying visitation to Family and Friends and the Role of the Law






Probate 101: Does your Estate need to go through Probate?

How to know if your estate needs to be probated. Matthew addresses what assets are subject to probate, and what the probate process looks like in California.





Elder Law 101: When a Conservatorship is necessary despite Power of Attorney

While a power of attorney can often help prevent the need for a conservatorship, there are some circumstances in which a conservatorship is still necessary.




Trusts 101: Choosing a Trust Attorney 

If you're involved in a potential trust litigation, the attorney you select is critical to the success of your case. Matthew discusses differences between trust attorneys, and the importance of feeling comfortable and confident with the attorney you choose.




Probate 101: How an Administrator of an Estate is Chosen when there is No Will

Matthew discusses the probate court process for choosing an administrator when there is no legally valid will, and possible complications that can arise when more than one person wishes to administer the estate.