Estate Planning in the SF Bay Area

Why do you need an Estate Plan?

At the Law Offices of Matthew B. Talbot, our job is to ensure your peace of mind and facilitate your wishes. Matthew's experience, patience, and dedication to his clients make him an attorney you can rely upon for sound advice and conscientious guidance. Together, we will work out what is most important to you, and come up with a plan that makes you feel comfortable and secure.

Top 3 Reasons to do an Estate Plan in the SF East Bay

1. Your Peace of Mind.

A personal and properly drafted estate plan is essential for families of all income levels. Matthew has dedicated his career to protecting his clients' assets and interests. An estate plan will help ensure that your assets are distributed properly, your family is protected should you become incapacitated, and minor children are properly cared for. Your customized estate plan will be carefully tailored to accurately reflect your wishes and suit your family's needs.

2. Avoid Familial Disharmony.

When you place assets inside of a trust, those assets can be distributed in a way that preserves peace within a family, or at the very least protects against misuse of inheritance. One reason for this is that with a trust one can be very specific. Specificity will help avoid future fighting between beneficiaries. Trusts can also be drafted to account for family members who may not have their lives together at the time of execution. Money can be distributed pursuant to specific conditions. Because Matthew has significant experience with Estate litigation - and hence the problems that arise when an Estate Plan is done improperly or not at all, he is uniquely positioned to draft Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives that protect your heirs against uncertainty and litigation to the best degree possible.

3. Avoid Probate.

If you have assets that total more than $150,000, it is crucial to create an estate plan with a knowledgeable attorney. If someone passes and they do not have an estate plan, the state of California creates one for them, through a process called Probate. This is a lengthy process that can also be very costly. Many Californians may be able to avoid Probate by using the new "Transfer on Death Deed" that goes into effect in 2016. Regardless, an Estate Plan will still give you the power to decide how your assets are distributed upon your passing. Simply executing a TOD deed still leaves one subject to the first 2 reasons given here. Probate, of course, will still be relevant if you have other valuable assets aside from your home. Learn more about the costs of probate vs. an estate plan in Contra Costa County.

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An experienced Estate Planning Lawyer will craft your Estate Plan specifically for your family and its unique dynamics.


When there is a lack of specificity, your estate is left open to interpretation - and possibly litigation. Whether you choose to go with a will, a trust, or any combination thereof, hiring a good Estate Planning Attorney to help you draft it can put your mind at ease by assuring that all of your bases are covered. 

An attorney who has significant experience in Trust & Estate Litigation can further ensure any pitfalls - and potentially expensive planning errors - are avoided. Because of Matthew's litigation background, he is uniquely positioned to draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives.

We would be happy to answer any questions or issues you may have concerning your estate planning needs. Contact us to set up your free consultation today or speak with Matthew directly at 925-322-1763.



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